God Never Leaves You By Yourself

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Morning Story and Dilbert

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
July 10, 2014

God has a way of allowing us to be in the right place at the right time. I was walking down a dimly lit street late one evening when I heard muffled screams coming from behind a clump of bushes. Alarmed, I slowed down to listen, and panicked when I realized that what I was hearing were the unmistakable sounds of a struggle: heavy grunting,frantic scuffling, and tearing of fabric. Only yards from where I stood, a woman was being attacked. Should I get involved? I was frightened for my own safety, and cursed myself for having suddenly decided to take a new route home that night. What if I became another statistic? Shouldn’t I just run to the nearest phone and call the police?

Although it seemed an eternity, the deliberations in my head had taken only seconds, but already the girl’s cries were…

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Meet Me at the Fence

Our church is feeding the less fortunate today in celebration of Easter. A fence separates our properties. On one side is the life I used to live…partying, living in less than favorable conditions because that’s the best they think they can do. Perhaps some, like me, feel they deserve to be there because of things they have done. Perhaps they look on the “other side” toward this nice neighborhood we’re so blessed to be in and think though it’s close it’s too far away for them and that will keep them where they are; they won’t come because they have judged themselves unworthy. They’ve condemned themselves & and begun their self~imposed life sentence.

What they don’t realize is that those on the “other side” are just like them. I am just like them. The ONLY reason I’m not over there with them is the grace & mercy of God. Nothing I have done qualifies or justifies my being on this side: just Jesus. He’s the only difference

The fence is the perfect analogy of saved versus unsaved. Coming to Jesus is exactly like that. He’s right there; He’s the gatekeeper! We must do our part though to “get to Him” (believe & receive). He’s standing right there. He’s obvious just like the gate or entrance of the fence. The gate has a piece of hardware like a handle, a lock, something that signifies that’s where the entrance to the other side is.

We have extended the invitation to come & be fed. We have knocked on doors & spoken to those people who opened their doors. We slipped notes under the doors that refused to open.  We’ve prepared the food. We’re ready to love on them and show them they’re cared for. Jesus has done the same. He’s standing ready to receive whoever will come to Him.

Today, all anyone has to do is just come to the fence and walk through the gate to be fed and receive. Some will come…others won’t. If you’re hungry, why would you not come and be provided for? Would you starve, allow your children to starve just because you don’t want to come?  Coming to Jesus is that simple. He has what you need. He’s the difference-maker. He’s the choice between life & death. Will you meet Him at the fence?


I have missed writing & sharing with you. How fast even the things we love slip from us. How precious time is. I’ve moved to my beloved mountains. Back home where I belong {this side of heaven} and I can’t tell you how good it feels to be here. I knew this was where I belong but had no idea how out of sorts I’ve been for years & years until I got here.

Sometimes life takes you where you had no intention of going and events, relationships, things of your own choosing keep you there. This is all on me. Not blaming anything else or anyone else but me…

However I will say it was all good. ALL GOOD. Even the horrible was good. So if you wake up one morning & ask yourself “how did I get here?” Rest assured it’s for you good, perhaps for completion, restoration, reconciliation, any number of things. If you’re awake & reading this, the last chapter is yet to be written and it will all be worth it.

I’m grateful for then. I’m grateful for now. No regrets. Do I wish it had been different? Yes. Would I change it, absolutely not! You?

Delight in Your Desert.

I liken my life in Alabama to being in a desert. I’ve met many, many wonderful people here. I’ve had some wonderful experiences and folks have been good to us. I’ve gotten to know, love and respect my sister and that surely would have never happened had I not lived here. I had the opportunity to know my Father before he died and to care for him in the years just before he passed.

I had the opportunity to do the right thing(s) regardless of how I’ve been treated all my life which allowed many deep wounds from my childhood to be dealt with and healed. I’ve learned through asking for the truth to be revealed and when it was it was as ugly as I feared it would be ~ but once exposed it can’t hurt me anymore. Truth is better (no matter how painful) than the lies of a lifetime.

I’ve seen God, face to face, and I know Him intimately through the circumstances and I’ve learned complete trust in Him. I’ve learned what it’s like to have only Him to cling to, rely on and His love for me is more than enough. MORE than enough. I’ve learned that the choices made in a desert experience are critical because they determine whether you live or die there…not literally perhaps but spiritually for sure. You can keep crawling, digging through, and stepping one tiny step at a time going on nothing but trust in God to see you through until you’re through it or you can give up and give in because it’s just too hard. You can pick a place and make a home in the wilderness and settle or you can choose to believe and be compelled to keep moving until you know you’re through it.

It’s not that I don’t like Alabama nor have I been discontent. I just don’t belong here. I had to be here to be restored & healed so I could be able to go from here. Those who don’t know me & our history won’t understand that. I’ve learned to be content whatever my circumstance and that in itself was worth the 26 years of the desert!

If you’re in a “dry place” I pray you have Jesus in your life & have a relationship with Him. Frankly I don’t know how anyone could survive…or would want to survive…without Him being with you through it. I so get why people do crazy things so much better & I have learned not to judge. Desert walking is extreme, in extreme circumstances. Desperate people do desperate things; thus the results we see in our world today.

I’m grateful for every single moment of these past 26 years. I’m grateful for the friends and my sisters (one of which is in heaven) who walked with me and loved me through. I’m grateful to God for being my Guide, my Teacher, my Redeemer, my Restorer, my Spring of Life, my Comfort, my Provider, and my Healer (to name a few) every second and every step.

Don’t give up if you’re in that place and try to see and believe it’s for your good because it surely is or you wouldn’t be there. God bless you.