Don’t believe yourself!

What’s the dialogue you have with you? Are you like me, quick to forgive others & build them up yet grant yourself no mercy at all? When I mess up or do/say something I shouldn’t I automatically condem myself…I show myself no mercy at all. 1st John 3:20 came to life for me this morning. Even when we comdemn ourselves, convinced that we’re no good, we’re awful and just downright ugly God says…God KNOWS differently. He knows what made us say and act the way we did. His grace and forgiveness trumps our condemnation and unforgiveness we have for ourselves which is huge…because how we see ourselves and FEEL about ourselves, I believe, is the #1 things that keep us from being bold for Christ…think about it and comment. He loves us beyond the hate of ourselves, what we think, how we feel about ourselves. Above and beyond. Thank you Lord!

Don’t Be Afraid

The world’s a scary place. Things are happening that I thought I’d never live to see. We’re getting away with things God’s word says not to do. So who’s in control? Looks like no one is.  Didn’t Jesus say it would be this way? I choose to believe Him. He says no-thing…nothing’s beyond Him and He’s already overcome everything that comes against us. We just have to “get there” or get thru it with our faith intact. Pastor says it’s not a question of being able to be trusted in hard times; the real question is…can He trust us to stay faithful to Him,still believing in Him? I’m hanging on tight to His unchanging hand…hope you are too! Ephesians 6:10!

Why I’m content

Life is hard…I’m a single mom of a special, very special, special need son. I’ve raised him alone since he was 2. We’ve seen the hand AND FACE of God on and in our lives many times. I’m grateful I’m alive. I’m grateful my son’s alive and thriving. I don’t have much materially. I struggle financially and emotionally sometimes. I wonder why things are for me the way they are. Then it comes to me: Isaiah 43:10. That’s why. So I could KNOW. And I do. What we need is ALWAYS provided. My passion is to share our story, to write what the Master Teacher teaches me and to encourage others. There’s no greater thing. Church/people complicate God; I’m a simple country girl. I love the Lord. Let me tell you what He’s done and who He is to me. I want to hear your story…#tellit. #Jesus #God. Have a wonderful day.

this is work

Why are things like this so hard for me…so many options to put yourself out there. I love writing, it’s my passion. Finally dawned on me that I’m the one responsible for making my dream come true; I’m the one who must make the effort. Whether anyone ever buys a book or not…if my passion is to write then I need to write. I know what the Lord instilled in me; I know it came from Him…is He enough validation for me to step out or should I wait for validation from something/someone else? I get it…my excitement doesn’t originate from me…it’s not “me” you read…these are treasures from Him! Thus the urgency to get you to read my books…do you get it?