Don’t believe yourself!

What’s the dialogue you have with you? Are you like me, quick to forgive others & build them up yet grant yourself no mercy at all? When I mess up or do/say something I shouldn’t I automatically condem myself…I show myself no mercy at all. 1st John 3:20 came to life for me this morning. Even when we comdemn ourselves, convinced that we’re no good, we’re awful and just downright ugly God says…God KNOWS differently. He knows what made us say and act the way we did. His grace and forgiveness trumps our condemnation and unforgiveness we have for ourselves which is huge…because how we see ourselves and FEEL about ourselves, I believe, is the #1 things that keep us from being bold for Christ…think about it and comment. He loves us beyond the hate of ourselves, what we think, how we feel about ourselves. Above and beyond. Thank you Lord!


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