Prosper where you are

Are you where you WANT to be? Have what you want? Got it all together? Everything good? Well good for you! 25 years ago my circumstances brought me to where I said I would never be. How funny is that?! That alone should have showed me something but I missed it. I got stuck here. At first I was mad, unhappy and miserable and I wanted everyone to know it! Then my sister gave me a refrigerator magnet that says, “bloom where you’re planted”. She started calling me “Blossom”. I finally began to see that my attitude was a part…a HUGE part of my problem! So I began to make peace with myself. I decided I was going to be content no matter where I was. Through the years though still being where I ultimately don’t want to be I’ve made it good. I have ‘blossomed’ here. I found Jesus here who rocked my world and mercifully has made my life complete. Suffice it to say I decided with Him anywhere is home. Jeremiah 24. Read it. Blows my mind. Israealites were prisoners…but look. GOD SENT THEM THERE!! Not only that, he EXPECTED them to prosper in their captivity. What?! Loving God…their God…sent them there? Sent them to where they didn’t want to be, either exiled out of their country or living as prisoners? Do you see what I see? God spoke to my heart this morning and told me to tell you this: no matter where you are, what your health is like, what your bank account holds, He has a plan for your life. He wants to see you grow and prosper. Don’t stop living just because you’re in a place you don’t want to be and things aren’t the way you want them. He doesn’t stop being God in the down times…sometimes we just stop believing. Don’t do it. It’s not over yet. Keep praying. Keep singing. Keep believing. Stay faithful this day. We’ll deal with tomorrow when it comes! Genesis 28:15!!



I’m a kept woman. No other way to explain or justify still being alive. I know people, many people who haven’t survived the same things I have. Two of my siblings didn’t live to see their 50s. Most dread getting old. I’m thankful I lived to see this season in my life.

I have a target on my back. The enemy aims for me and wants to hurt, discourage ir destroy me. The desire of those against you is to hurt you on purpose. What do you do? How do you protect yourself from what you can’t see?

Are you a believer in Christ? If you are then you know even your ability to believe isn’t your own, it’s given by God. But you do have to do your part. The Bible is filled with verbs: action words. “Keep” is one of them. God keeps us when we “keep” Him alive in our hearts and actively pursue Him. He will do His part when we do ours. 

Troubles loom. Worries knock at our door. When you’re scared what’s the first thing you reach for? I’ve learned to reach for Him first. Whisper a prayer first. Seek His comfort first. Believe His word first…of course if you never read your Bible you can’t know what He says about provision and protection.  Change your strategy today and see what happens. Keep Him and He will keep you. He promised!

Don’t Wait

Why are some people blessed with stable parents and families and some not? Why do some appear to have more than they need and others struggle for the basic necessities?

Why has my family been through what they’ve been thru? Why does the Lord allow mean people to get away with causing such pain and those they hurt be hurt? So many questions so few answers.

If I sit and wait to understand I may do so in vain. Unfortunately there’s no promise He will give us that. He does promise us, however, that he’ll be with us through whatever we go through and He’ll give us peace and comfort.

For some that’s simply not enough. For me it is. Don’t get me wrong I would love to know why! A lot of the events in my life make no sense. I do trust the One…the only One who sees the whole picture. He gets the blame for a lot that isn’t His fault. People make choices thatt affect everyone around them and when the consequences come as a result they blame God.

I’m not going to search for understanding. I’m going to go from here and believe I’m not alone and believe the resultant wounds from all of this He’s able to heal. I’m not going to swim in regret or sadness. I’m not going to let my heart be troubled. I’m taking Him up on His offer…peace that passes all understanding. There’s nothing that happened or has happened that He’s not aware of. I’m safe with Him.  Understanding is overrated; it won’t get me through it.  He will!

Time To Shift.

Way past time actually. I’ve been in a season of loss for years. I don’t care to review it all here, but suffice it to say significant family members, income, pets and things that were important to me are gone. I’ve grieved and grieved and focused almost constantly on what was lost or stolen. I’m in what I call my ‘season of Job’. I failed to inventory and focus on what I have to be thankful for.

I’m tired of grief. I’m tired of the constant reminders of all the loss and pain. It dawned on me yesterday that I’m the one that keeps me in that grief place. I think, given all that’s happened it’s ok to grieve…but it’s not ok to stay there.  I teach and preach perspective but I forgot to counsel myself. Another reminder is that it’s so easy to help others and so hard to apply the same principles to ourselves. The effort is enormous which surely gives me a fresh compassion for others. So it’s all good.

I refuse to be ungrateful. I refuse to be a pitiful, grief-stricken person…and I see I’m the only one who can change my state of mind. Life is too short to be miserable. God has brought me through way too much to succum to misery.

Is it easy? No, not when the loss column holds more than the gain. But it can be done. I will be grateful. I’ll thank God for having survived. I’ll seek the lessons in this season and I’ll be a better person for them. Every time a sorrowful thought for what’s now my past attempts to creep in I’ll snag it and flip it for good. I’m not a victim! I’m a victorious warrior with all the scars to prove it but they will not mar my heart. I hope you make the same decision.

His Forever

No matter what, who, where if you belong to God; if you believe in Jesus and what He did, you belong to Him. I belong to Him. He will never forget me, forsake me, turn His back on me, disinherit me, disown me. I’m locked in with an eternal promise and riches in heaven that can never be stolen. Never. Never, ever.

I’ve been forsaken, tossed aside, forgotten, lied to, cheated on, compromised, used, abused and left for dead by just about everyone who ever meant anything to me. I survived on a promise. THE promise of a love I can’t even comprehend. It can be yours too. He can be yours. I can’t live…don’t want to live without Him.

We’ve been through some stuff. Yet we survived because He numbered our days before our lives began. Why wouldn’t we want to love Him back? I’m grateful to have survived and I will tell my story to anyone who listens…will you? It’s all worth it. Really.

“That’s Not My Cross”

Thrown away…well wait. It’s worse than that; one would have to be considered to be tossed. Disregarded. Condemned. That’s more like it. You weren’t asked to come into this world, the family that you did. God ordained your life. You’re here by Divine Design yet how you’ve been treated (or untreated as the case may be) and what you see around you tells you that must be a lie. God must’ve made a mistake.

Perhaps you’re an adult and how you’ve been treated has invaded the way you have treated, or are treating yourself. You think you’re a failure; can’t do anything right; nothing will ever change…etc. you get the picture don’t you? You’re treating yourself just like they treated you! Hey! That’s not your cross! You’re a child of God! You were meant to be here! You were meant to come from them to be the one God-filled example of what He’s capable of doing thru one who seeks him.

You can’t change them and what’s been done. You CAN change your dynamic and self-dialogue to use it for the good. You don’t have to be a victim, you can choose to become a victor. You can “flip it”. Your cross is to survive and thrive in spite of others and your circumstances.

I’d love to hear about what you’ve survived…because you have if you’re reading this.

Choose to hang on to the only truth there is: God’s word. Jeremiah 29:11-13. Put that cross down and pick up the one that’s yours and go forward. Right now.


I’m so pressed of late that I feel like I’m shorter (I’m already short)…feel like my chin is dragging the ground. Do you ever feel that way? You deal with one thing and bam! Here comes another. Relentless. Resources are exhausted. You’re exhausted. Loss and pain have taken their tolls.  Sore and scarred you make your way to bed hoping things will be different when you wake up.

I’ve been in an extreme season of loss for a long time. You name it (and them) they’re gone. Frankly I’m just tired of it.  However I do see something else going on here. I’m being stripped of things and people who bind me here. With all the loss there’s a fresh new beginning on my horizon…if I don’t give up.

I’ve looked back and wondered how I got through it when so many didn’t and I see a greater force carrying me…imim on AutoPilot. The way from here to me looks undoable so I’ve chosen to stay in that state. If it gets done God will surely have to do it. I’ve scooted over to the passenger side, taken my hands off the wheel and I’m letting Him drive. The rest of the way is beyond me which makes it a perfect project for Him. He excels in impossible.

Are you like me? Are you wearing yourself out trying to do it all yourself? Flip the Switch and let Him take control. Trust the hands of the One who has seen you through till now. He’s got you.