It’s All Worth It

We’ve been through some stuff haven’t we?! Some of it was self-induced; some of it was the result of the actions of others. Looking back, we can maybe understand some of it and some of it will probably never be made sense of. We still bear deep wounds over some of the (what seems like) senseless pain of what we’ve been through. Some of the hurts were life-changing and I sometimes wonder if I’ve been altered from who I was supposed to be. Some get stuck in the pain, bitterness and unfairness of it all and never seem to recover, nor do they want to. I was there for a time…then I happened upon Isaiah 43:10~ “you are my witnessess says the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen, IN ORDER THAT YOU MAY KNOW AND BELIEVE ME AND UNDERSTAND THAT I AM HE. Before me there was no god and there will be none after Me.” (NASB, emphasis mine).

Did you see that? Everything you’ve been through, EVERYTHING happened for a reason: so you could know and believe Him. Nothing is in vain. All the pain you’ve survived was for a reason and hopefully served the intended purpose…to know God and believe Him. Did you? So many missed it and have become bitter, depressed, angry or a combination of all. I pray you’re not one of them. Relationship with Him, seeing Him weave throughout my life makes it all worth it; otherwise it would be in vain. Look for God and believe He’s got you and is working in your life regardless of what you’re going through. If you’ll seek you will find Jesus and know it’s all worth it.


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