Refuel and Refocus

Just like we put gas in our car so it will continue to run, we have to refuel the Spirit man in us. We feed our physical bodies to keep going. Try not eating for a while and see how much energy you have…how long has it been since the Spirit in you? Is He hungry? Today’s Sunday…SONday, the designated day to worship God, to acknowledge who He is in your life. Before Jesus, all kinds of stipulations were placed on going to church. Not anymore. Jesus has changed everything. This is between you and Him. Worship your way. How will you choose to honor the One who died for you? I love corporate worship but I’ve also learned that I can worship God wherever I am and in whatever I do. He deserves honor and acknowledgement all the time. The veil’s been torn for YOU. He came for you. He wants to get personal with you. Will you take Him up on all He has to offer? If you can go to church. Get your spiritual tank filled. Love on Him for who He is and not just what He’s done!


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