It Is Work!

Staying positive and content requires effort. Sometimes it’s easier than others. I find if I focus on me, circumstances, the state of economy, moral decline of the country, etc…it’s easy to be down and harder to be positive.

However it is a choice and the choice is as old as time.

Consider Adam and Eve. They were surrounded by a perfect, flawless world that was given to them. They did nothing to create this perfection, it was given to them. They were created to live as God’s people in that garden…period! Everything they needed and wanted was at their fingertips to enjoy as they chose with one exception. ONE. They weren’t to eat of one tree. They could enjoy the fruits of all the other, probably countless trees, but they were tricked into sustaining focus on the one thing they couldn’t have!

Isn’t that just like us? Take an inventory of your life and the things you have to be thankful for…does your mind go to what you don’t have or do stay on what you do?

Perspective is everything. And it’s work. Your attitude makes it a good day or a bad day. I choose to be thankful. Do you? (Philippians 4:8)


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