Emmanuel Without Exception

Think of the worst place or circumstance you’ve ever been in. Maybe you’re there now. Maybe you think there’s no way out and no one is there. Wrong. You’re never alone. In times (and places) like these you CAN’T TRUST YOUR FEELINGS! Fear alters reality and everything else. Sometimes you have to talk yourself into believing truth. The only absolute truth is God’s truth. Everyting else is sometimes left to interpretation; very often we go on and interpret things based on how we feel or what we think.

There is no place and no circumstance where God won’t be. He never looks and says, “girl you got yourself in a mess”, “you shouldn’t have gone there, good luck getting yourself out” or “sorry entirely too messy for a God of perfection”…wherever we go and howver we got there, God is with us.

Let’s try to not take Him where He…and we…don’t belong. But if we find ourselves “there” rest assured. He’s there with us. #neveralone. Isaiah 41:10.


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