What Do You Want?

I buy some pricey cat food because the cats that feed here are rescues and/or strays and the inside cats have digestive disorders. I buy cheaper food for outside animals because it seems every critter in the county knows to come here to eat. The inside cats carry on because they want what the outside cats get to eat! They have no ability to discern what’s good for them…they want what they want. You’d think after getting some and getting sick they wouldn’t want it any more but they don’t! They still want it despite the consequences.

Isn’t that just like us? We crave what we don’t have and once we get it, it’s not what we thought it was, it has consequences, yet we keep on with it because we want it. Sometimes we know we shouldn’t but we keep doing it. Why?

The flesh is insatiable. We buy what we can’t afford, consume what we know will harm us and just settle for it. God has a life plan for us that promises fulfillment and true deep-down peace and satisfaction yet we compromise because we want what we want more.

What do you want? What will satisfy you? Whatever it is, if it doesn’t include God you’ll find yourself discontent and eventually rummaging for something else. What will you choose? Or will you settle?  ~Jeremiah 29:11-13~ go after God/His plan…you won’t be sorry!


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