You Have Been Seen

Sometimes I feel invisible. My heart pounds with pain and screams to be acknowledged. Yet people pass by, cars pull out in front of me like I’m not there. Worse, I’ve been disregarded by those with whom I should’ve been safest with.
Worse, I’ve walked right past those who are hurting because I was blinded by my own pain!

We’ve all been there. We all feel insignificant at times. Matthew 9:36 touched me today. “When He {Jesus} saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered, like a sheep without a shepherd.”

You have been seen, friend. You are being seen. Not with just a glance either. He sees you…all of you, right into your heart. Wounds exposed, needs acknowledged, and He waits for you to see Him. Do you? He’s right there. Look up (and out) from you…see Him. He has compassion for you. Always.


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