Virtuous Cycle

Some things we do require no thought, we just do them. Others we do ‘on purpose’ on intentionally. For instance you won’t eat healthy unless you set in your mind you will, at least I don’t. Too many choices and so many things I enjoy aren’t healthy so I have to decide to eat healthy.

I have to decide to keep my mouth shut because I seem to have opinions about everything. Very hard for a mouthy girl like me especially with all the technology at our fingertips; I’m a writer and my “therapy” is to write. I’m trying not to post responses to things I feel strongly about.  (Key word is trying).

Praying is another thing that doesn’t come naturally, but it can. You talk to your spouse, best friend about everything that’s important right? Why not share your feelings and concerns with God? He loves it when His people converse with Him. Instead of running to someone close who really can’t do anything about what deeply concerns you, why not first go to Him? He hels me put things into perspective. He’s never too busy not to hear me; I have His undivided attention. All the time. He’s always available and He never judges me.

Prayer/talking to God is a great and virtuous thing to do. Start creating your virtuous cycle of prayer today!


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