“That’s Not My Cross”

Thrown away…well wait. It’s worse than that; one would have to be considered to be tossed. Disregarded. Condemned. That’s more like it. You weren’t asked to come into this world, the family that you did. God ordained your life. You’re here by Divine Design yet how you’ve been treated (or untreated as the case may be) and what you see around you tells you that must be a lie. God must’ve made a mistake.

Perhaps you’re an adult and how you’ve been treated has invaded the way you have treated, or are treating yourself. You think you’re a failure; can’t do anything right; nothing will ever change…etc. you get the picture don’t you? You’re treating yourself just like they treated you! Hey! That’s not your cross! You’re a child of God! You were meant to be here! You were meant to come from them to be the one God-filled example of what He’s capable of doing thru one who seeks him.

You can’t change them and what’s been done. You CAN change your dynamic and self-dialogue to use it for the good. You don’t have to be a victim, you can choose to become a victor. You can “flip it”. Your cross is to survive and thrive in spite of others and your circumstances.

I’d love to hear about what you’ve survived…because you have if you’re reading this.

Choose to hang on to the only truth there is: God’s word. Jeremiah 29:11-13. Put that cross down and pick up the one that’s yours and go forward. Right now.


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