His Forever

No matter what, who, where if you belong to God; if you believe in Jesus and what He did, you belong to Him. I belong to Him. He will never forget me, forsake me, turn His back on me, disinherit me, disown me. I’m locked in with an eternal promise and riches in heaven that can never be stolen. Never. Never, ever.

I’ve been forsaken, tossed aside, forgotten, lied to, cheated on, compromised, used, abused and left for dead by just about everyone who ever meant anything to me. I survived on a promise. THE promise of a love I can’t even comprehend. It can be yours too. He can be yours. I can’t live…don’t want to live without Him.

We’ve been through some stuff. Yet we survived because He numbered our days before our lives began. Why wouldn’t we want to love Him back? I’m grateful to have survived and I will tell my story to anyone who listens…will you? It’s all worth it. Really.


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