Don’t Wait

Why are some people blessed with stable parents and families and some not? Why do some appear to have more than they need and others struggle for the basic necessities?

Why has my family been through what they’ve been thru? Why does the Lord allow mean people to get away with causing such pain and those they hurt be hurt? So many questions so few answers.

If I sit and wait to understand I may do so in vain. Unfortunately there’s no promise He will give us that. He does promise us, however, that he’ll be with us through whatever we go through and He’ll give us peace and comfort.

For some that’s simply not enough. For me it is. Don’t get me wrong I would love to know why! A lot of the events in my life make no sense. I do trust the One…the only One who sees the whole picture. He gets the blame for a lot that isn’t His fault. People make choices thatt affect everyone around them and when the consequences come as a result they blame God.

I’m not going to search for understanding. I’m going to go from here and believe I’m not alone and believe the resultant wounds from all of this He’s able to heal. I’m not going to swim in regret or sadness. I’m not going to let my heart be troubled. I’m taking Him up on His offer…peace that passes all understanding. There’s nothing that happened or has happened that He’s not aware of. I’m safe with Him.  Understanding is overrated; it won’t get me through it.  He will!


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