I’m a kept woman. No other way to explain or justify still being alive. I know people, many people who haven’t survived the same things I have. Two of my siblings didn’t live to see their 50s. Most dread getting old. I’m thankful I lived to see this season in my life.

I have a target on my back. The enemy aims for me and wants to hurt, discourage ir destroy me. The desire of those against you is to hurt you on purpose. What do you do? How do you protect yourself from what you can’t see?

Are you a believer in Christ? If you are then you know even your ability to believe isn’t your own, it’s given by God. But you do have to do your part. The Bible is filled with verbs: action words. “Keep” is one of them. God keeps us when we “keep” Him alive in our hearts and actively pursue Him. He will do His part when we do ours. 

Troubles loom. Worries knock at our door. When you’re scared what’s the first thing you reach for? I’ve learned to reach for Him first. Whisper a prayer first. Seek His comfort first. Believe His word first…of course if you never read your Bible you can’t know what He says about provision and protection.  Change your strategy today and see what happens. Keep Him and He will keep you. He promised!


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