Prosper where you are

Are you where you WANT to be? Have what you want? Got it all together? Everything good? Well good for you! 25 years ago my circumstances brought me to where I said I would never be. How funny is that?! That alone should have showed me something but I missed it. I got stuck here. At first I was mad, unhappy and miserable and I wanted everyone to know it! Then my sister gave me a refrigerator magnet that says, “bloom where you’re planted”. She started calling me “Blossom”. I finally began to see that my attitude was a part…a HUGE part of my problem! So I began to make peace with myself. I decided I was going to be content no matter where I was. Through the years though still being where I ultimately don’t want to be I’ve made it good. I have ‘blossomed’ here. I found Jesus here who rocked my world and mercifully has made my life complete. Suffice it to say I decided with Him anywhere is home. Jeremiah 24. Read it. Blows my mind. Israealites were prisoners…but look. GOD SENT THEM THERE!! Not only that, he EXPECTED them to prosper in their captivity. What?! Loving God…their God…sent them there? Sent them to where they didn’t want to be, either exiled out of their country or living as prisoners? Do you see what I see? God spoke to my heart this morning and told me to tell you this: no matter where you are, what your health is like, what your bank account holds, He has a plan for your life. He wants to see you grow and prosper. Don’t stop living just because you’re in a place you don’t want to be and things aren’t the way you want them. He doesn’t stop being God in the down times…sometimes we just stop believing. Don’t do it. It’s not over yet. Keep praying. Keep singing. Keep believing. Stay faithful this day. We’ll deal with tomorrow when it comes! Genesis 28:15!!


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