What Are You Asking For?

I saw a church sign several months ago that said, “Jesus Christ did not die so you could have new shoes”. Slapped me right where it hurts. We go to God for our needs as we should, even our wants. We’re supposed to talk to Him like we would our best friend or our parents.

We’re human. We want stuff…we need stuff. Some of are in a place where if He doesn’t provide and see to us, we won’t be seen to. Paul says to pray about everything so none of that’s bad. When He delivers we’re grateful…until there’s something else (and there will always be something else). So when we’re lacking or wanting we’re not satisfied…an endless cycle.

Exodus 33:18 Moses asks God to show him His glory. Not food, not shoes, Moses asks God to show Him Himself.

Let me ask you: if God did nothing else materially for you would you be satisfied? Would you be grateful and thank Him like you do when He gives you what you want? What if He let us see that face. What if we, like Moses, would ask for more of Him and not what He brings?

That would take our focus be off of us and on Him. I’m not saying not to pray for things, I’m suggesting that we examine ourselves to see if we want what God brings to our lives more than we want Him…are you a ‘lover of God’ for what He does or for simply who He is. What are you asking for?


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