Balls and Chains

I dreamed last night that I walked around with a chain with a huge ball on it attached to my leg. I went to great lengths to conceal it when i’d go in public but when at home when no one could see I made no attempt to hide it.  It became so familiar to me that I hardly noticed it.

But…when out in public with my effort to move people knew I was a prisoner; they heard the sound of the chain and watched me labor to be “normal”. They knew I was tied to something, inhibited by a great weight…they just didn’t know what it was.

I’m thinking that’s how most of us are. We carry something “on” us that keeps us from being who God intended us to be. We think that’s our inhibitor and it becomes our excuse for not doing what we should.

It also prevents us from believing God can truly forgive us and cleanse us. We’ve convicted ourselves to life sentences of carrying the weight (guilt, anger, regret, etc..) to our pasts whether we intentionally did it or whether we’re victims to what’s been done to us.

Why should…or better yet why would God give me another chance, a new life and heal me because I’ve ________________ (fill in the blank). So we stop ourselves with what we think we deserve and we dare not believe anything better because we’ve decided we aren’t worthy. I do it all the time. I’d rather God bless you than me…because I know I don’t deserve it!

Guess what? NONE OF US DESERVE grace or favor, or mercy for that matter. God deals with us according to who He is and what He said He would do. Period. He longs to free us from our self-imposed prison sentences. He’s the Emancipator, the gift-giver and the life-changer because of nothing we’ve done but because He is who He is. Our part is to simply take Him at His word…and act accordingly which requires shedding the weight.

Come on. Drag your shackles to Him. He has the keys to unlock us from ourselves and He will if we’ll let Him. Let’s get off what we’ve got on us once and for all. Don’t let Him just unlock your chain, give Him the chain so you won’t be tempted to put it back on.


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