My sister once gave me a Winnie the Pooh card that came at the perfect time. “Ppppppoooohhh?” Said a timid Piglet. “Yes?” a calm Pooh said. “I…I…I…nothing. I jjust nnneeded to be sure of you.”

That’s how we are isn’t it? Sometimes we just need to know someone’s there. We need reassurance. Sometimes we need to hear another voice.

In Joshua chapters 3 and 4 I think the Israelites found themselves in that place. Moses had died, Joshua had taken over and they had the Jordan to cross. One more river and they would set their feet on the promise. Almost all the first Israelites had died on the journey. This generation had heard about their destination all their lives. I believe God took a survey of hearts and said,”let Me just remind them of whose they are; let Me give them a little taste of encouragement”.

So He did something phenomenal only He could do, one more time. He gave Joshua instructions for the people and the priests. They chose to comply and they were all privy to getting a taste of what their ancestors witnessed. God mounded the waters of the Jordan while the priests held the Ark of the Covenant in the Jordan which allowed them to cross over edging closer and closer to the promise.

God did what He had done before, I believe, to reassure His people He was still with them. He will do the same for you and me. Relax. Keep walking. Keep believing. If you need a little reassurance pray and look around. You’ll find God setting your mind at ease. Rest assured. He’s still with you.


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