Choose To Live

I can just feel it. The next plot to destroy me is already underway. I choose not to fight. I choose to abstain. God says to “abstain from EVERY appearance of evil” (emphasis mine), meaning if it even LOOKS like evil,  stay away from it!

For most of my adult life I fought back. I tried to right all the wrong. I tried to “go along” and keep the “peace”. I did the right things to honor God but it made no difference. The lies never stopped, the manipulations and truth-twistings proceeded….they do today. I watched loved ones be so comsumed with living all the lies they died…I believe crushed from the inside out. Evil and meanness won. Or so it appears.

I lived. I survived a lifetime of it and I want no more so I choose to not participate. A lifetime of not being able to abstain “from every appearance” of evil has ended. I had to endure it then to be part of my loved one’s lives. Today I don’t have to.

That’s the blessing. I survived it though not unscathed. I’m sure it will take me another lifetime to heal. But heal, I will, because I belong to THE Healer. He’s seeing to me because I’m letting Him. See that’s it. You have to choose to live and to heal even if that means you have to let go of things (and people sometimes) who really matter.  I got busy livin’ and I intend to continue.

So go ahead enemy. Keep lying. Keep throwing flowers on their graves away. Live in your self-created reality. Keep thinking you’ve fooled everyone. I’m giving you no more ammunition. No more targets. You didn’t kill me then when you stole everything, distorted everything and tried to end me and you will not do it now. You have no more place in my life.


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