No Good Normal

I lost my glasses about three months ao and have looked everywhere for them. I mean, I’ve moved furniture (including appliances), cleaned every drawer, and ransacked cars. I’ve scanned my yard, I’ve looked everywhere. No glasses.

To make matters worse, I had just paid lots of money for new ones less than two months before I lost them so no way could I just go get some more.

I have really bad eyesight and really long days so I decided not to wear my contacts while at home and made the necessary adjustments and I’ve adapted well. It’s been uncomfortable but I’ve adapted to my new normal…I can’t see well at all but I can see enough to get by. I am surviving nicely. It’s all good…enough.

While rearranging my office to make more room for the puppies (another story) I found my glasses in (really IN) some papers this past weekend. I thanked the Lord for letting me find them and put them on. I saw things I hadn’t missed seeing! Dust, places I had missed cleaning. I saw that my new normal wasn’t nearly as kosher as I thought it was!

Having my glasses back for two days now, I was trying to see something on TV this morning when I remembered that I had found my glasses…yet I didn’t put them on when I got up! I had become so adjusted to not seeing clearly that I had been up for hours before I realized that…I couldn’t see but I could if I wanted to, I had to put my glasses on!

Life is like that more than I care to admit. We adjust and readjust all the time…and stay in an uncomfortable place sometimes because it’s normal and familiar and frankly too much effort is required to change. So it becomes okay with us, safe and acceptable when if we would just provide a little effort it could be so much better.

I got up and got my glasses after realizing I could make myself feel better and more comfortable if I would just go get them. Change requires action. Even when we find ourselves in difficult circumstances we can change our attitude. The effort to do what we can requires just that: effort.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Your best. Do what you can and trust God for the rest. And if you can’t see…go get your glasses!


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