The In Between

It’s Holy Saturday, the day between grief and glory. I woke up thinking about the disciples and followers of Jesus. They had just seen Him suffer a horrible death after which some witnessed His burial in a tomb with a huge stone rolled in front of the entrance.

Having lost many loved ones to death, I liken this to the time between their passing and the funeral service where we feel exhausted, grief-stricken, and sad, although I know the comparison is sadly lacking. I say that because He was to them their lives. Their Messiah, Israel’s long-awaited promise. The Miracle Baby of Mary. Those who followed Him literally left their lives to follow Jesus and sit at the feet of the Supreme Teacher.

How devastated they must have been. I imagine some were gathering their strength and the few possessions they had to go back to their lives they had so willingly left behind. I’m sure some were convinced that it was over. He had tried to tell them many times this was going to happen but sorrow had robbed their memory. They were captives of grief.

Have you ever been there? Have you been in that place of stiffling grief, not knowing what to do next and really not wanting to do anything? That’s what I call the in-between place.

Our only weapon during those moments and days is to encourage ourselves. Those are the times which we must choose faith. We choose to believe the promises laid out for us in the Bible and as best we can, we choose to “LET not” our hearts be troubled.

Something inside us gives us the strength to go on and climb out of that bed one more time. Pick up that Bible one more time. Smile, one-more-time. We choose to get busy living and go from here rather than choose to die.

That’s Spirit power because our flesh may want to give up, I believe. The ‘greater in me’ becomes greater in me and I rise. In that place of in-between the work of the power in me that created the stars takes over my weary flesh and I go on. You go forward regardless of how you feel.

Friends if you’re in that devastating place now just hang on. A better time is coming. You will survive this. It’s okay to be there…just don’t stay there. God has everything you need and He will strengthen you. If you’re not in the in-between place right now the next time you are remember Jesus and what happened the next day, Sunday. He conquered death and changed the world. What those sad broken hearts saw as the end was only the beginning, and my goodness! What a beginning it was!

So come on. Let’s walk with our heads held high and the willingness to believe a grand tomorrow is coming. This isn’t all there is!


2 thoughts on “The In Between

  1. Oh my! What a good word! It is easy to lose sight of a future when we’re in the middle of trials. Praise Jesus that the trial isn’t the conclusion of life. Often times we look back later and realize that the trial was actually a beginning. What my sister says is true, there is so much more than that one time or one thing that we thought we couldn’t survive. You don’t have to just survive it. Choose to thrive in spite of it or maybe even because of it!! You can’t do it alone but because Sunday is coming you can do it with Jesus and the people He will send you to strengthen you!!!

    • Amen and Amen! How your comments blessed me! I think the act of choosing is an act of faith…thus the “work” of our salvation. Sometimes the choice to believe is extremely difficult but oh my! So very, very worth it! God bless you, have a wonderful Easter! HE IS RISEN!! And so…we rise!!

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