You’re The ‘Straw’

This is an extremely intense time for us. When I say “us” I mean our country. Look around you. So many are suffering in some form. Look at the people around you in the checkout line. Do you see them? I mean really SEE them. Look in their eyes and observe their countenance.

You could be the one to change it but you choose which way it will go. Will you lift them up or will you bring them down? You could really make a difference in someone’s day.

Problem is, we’re so caught up in your stuff blinded by our circumstances that we don’t see the hurts of others. We don’t know what others are going through and let’s be honest. Most of the time we don’t care.

I watched with a broken heart as someone hurting was made to feel worse by the way they were treated when paying a bill. The clerk chastised her for being late when the woman apparently was doing the best she could. She told us in the line that had she paid the bill on time she would have had no groceries and no gas for the car she used to get to work, the job of course providing for her family.

Where’s our compassion and consideration for others? I couldn’t help but wonder what the woman behind the counter would do and how she would feel if their roles were reversed.

If you’re not suffering right now, great. But remember those around you are and tomorrow it could be you.  Please act accordingly.

Christian, we’re not here for us. We’re here…”in it” for them. Consider yourself “the straw” every time you open your mouth to speak. You could make or break anyone you encounter. You could be a bright spot or more darkness in their shaky world. Which will you be?