Just Like That

This past Saturday, we were blessed by some friends to take my son on his first airplane ride. When the opportunity came I had no reservation whatsoever about saying yes. A second thought or doubt didn’t enter my mind. I knew the pilot and his reputation. He’s a career commercial pilot with a stellar reputation. His wife, who incidentally lost her father in a plane crash many years ago trusts him implicitly which speaks volumes (and is a whole nother story) and she’s my sisterfriend so that was good enough for me!

So we went. I ushered up prayers as I do every time we do anything or go anywhere because I’m well aware that ultimately it’s Father God who provides and protects us every single day.

I watched as our sweet pilot-friend took my (special needs) son all around the little plane showing him every detail (inside and out) carefully explaining to him, giving him a chance to ask any questions so he would be comfortable with his ultimate adventure. Even after being seated ready to fly, all systems go, he talked Matt through all the gauges, explaining every detail in laymans terms so he understood.

I smiled as I saw how careful this man was in his craft and with his craft. It was obvious he loves flying and just as much, he loved sharing what he does with others so they could be blessed as well. He was totally confident we would be safe and more importantly he didn’t allow us in the air until he was sure the plane and the people in it were ready to go.

The weather system that hit Oklahoma over the weekend was headed our way and I wondered about that. Driving to the airport I had my doubts that we would be able to take off. The clouds were moving in, the winds were picking up but mine aren’t trained pilot eyes. I realized I wasn’t trained to make the decision so I left that up to the capable and trained pilot.

We got up in the air and the flight was wonderful. Matt enjoyed everything about it with many “wows” and smiles and I was delighted. We all love seeing our children’s dreams come true and I’m no exception. I felt so blessed just being a part of the experience for so many reasons.

As He so often does, the Lord had a lesson for this girl while in the air; though the whole process actually.  While soaring amongst the clouds, with storm clouds pretty much all around us I felt a nudge in my Spirit, almost a tap on my shoulder. I rewound the whole process that got us in the air and Father spoke clearly to me these words: “Barbie, you went for this without reservation or second thought. You trusted this man with your cherished son with no questions asked. Even though what you saw with your eyes said no, you still went on and placed your trust in the pilot, the one with the knowledge and you went. I want you to trust ME just like that.”

I fought back tears as those words invaded me. “Just like that” God wants us to TRUST HIM. Just keep going forward even when things don’t appear favorable because we’re not the ones who know; He sees the whole thing from beginning to end and all the in between and when He provides an opportunity He wants us to trust Him “just like that”.

I couldn’t help but wonder how many opportunities & blessings I had missed by being fearful or basing decisions on what I saw. Wow. The “yes” is always left up to us to TRUST Him. Will you? After that plane ride I think I will. Jeremiah 29:11-13


2 thoughts on “Just Like That

  1. Oh how sweet!!! On earthly level as well as spritual level. May be that the “window in the weather” given by God was left open for us all to see past the current rain showers & storms into the bliss of faith in Him. He’s got this…and everything else that comes our way! All we have to do is exercise our FAITH in Him, turn loose and TRUST His will.

    We were beyond pleased to help Matt’s dream come true. We love you both! What an inspiration you are to us!! God has certainly blessed us and He expects us to use those blessings to glorify his name, help His children, spread love & peace & joy to those of His children He puts in our path, help those whom He sends us, feed-clothe-shelter the needy, etc. Sounds like a tough job, but it is so easy because in all things we give thanks & we try (and succeed at) bringing a lesson about earthly life into it, but our ultimate goal is to bring God into it and emphasis some Heavenly message, be it faith, love for one another, how powerful God is to create the beautiful things you saw, and then “since we know God made this, try to imagine how BEAUTIFUL His creation of Heaven must be. Sometimes the lesson is only a tiny step toward the bigger picture, that most difficult first step. Occasionally the lesson is simply letting one know “God’s got this. God has your back while we just hold your hand.” True to God’s word, He always, ALWAYS blesses us in these adventures. When I climbed onto the wing to help Matt down there was a moment where he reached for my hand in pure trust and innocence…and I felt blessed with his trust knowing he trusted me to help. But even before that, when I approached the wing I asked Matt “How was it?!?” and Matt responded just as I’d expected, “It was AWESOME!” But I had another question ready for him, “If ‘AWESOME’ were a number, what nber would it be?” He looks at me, smiled, and said “…INFINITY!!!”

    Yes, Matt. Dreams coming true is AWESOME throughout INFINITY. And God’s hand is in every dream, every accomplishment, every day-hour-minute-second of our lives. Never forget “God’s got this”. What a blessing it was for us to be able to help your dream come true. Just hearing “I love ya’ll” and seeing your smile along with your Mom’s smile just filled us up to overflow. How rich we are to have you two in our lives. God’s got this frienship, too!!! Big hugs!!! God’s arm is around us all!!!

  2. That is truly something worth sharing! wow, that one kind of hit me smack in the middle of my heart. It made me search within to test if I have that kind of trust in God! Great post and thanks for giving me some “bread” to munch on. I like showing up at blog’s hungry and being fed with something for thought! great post, again.

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