My Great Enabler

I have a problem. I’m an addict. I used to drink a lot but I don’t any more. However my addiction-nature still lives. I don’t want alcohol…I want my way. I want things to be good and right. A lot of wrongs have occurred in our lives and on the other side of 50, there’s a deep “addiction” for happily ever after. I want easy. I want fair. I want not to hurt, struggle or suffer any more. See the problem? Let me help you..”I WANT” is the problem.

Psalm 37:8 slapped me in the face this morning. The Lord gave me a wake up call. “Cease from anger and forsake wrath; DO NOT FRET IT LEADS ONLY TO EVILDOING.”  (Emphasis mine)

Fretting is that stirring of emotion that makes us want. It makes us focus on how things aren’t rather than trusting God in how things are. Fret keeps me focused on ME.

Oswald Chambers is one of my favorite Authors. In “My Utmost for His Highest”, he says fretting signifies the evil in me because the ability NOT to fret isn’t based on my circumstances, it’s based on my relationship with God.

Fretting (worry) comes from the desire to have my own way. Ouch that hurt but I must confess, it’s true.

It’s easy to praise God when things are good. Let’s face it, attacks from the enemy are becoming more intense. The fight for faith is relentless. The only way not to fret is to stay close to Him and soak in as much of Him as we can and then act out (literally) what He’s given us. He enables us not to fret, otherwise we will definitely stay in a tiz all the time.

“Do not fret” indicates we have to decide. It’s up to us whether we do or not. To me, it’s a pure form of submission, a decision to put me behind, once again, what’s pleasing to Father. What’s pleasing to Father? Being thankful, praying about everything and being anxious for nothing: not fretting!

This is the ultimate evidence of our faith, as I see it. If I have Him in my life…if I have the relationship I say I do with Him and His Spirit is “big” (I spend time with Him, in His word) I will live it. We often have to decide to live a pleasing life for Him and it starts with our attitude and what we choose to spend time thinking about.

We make the free choice not to fret and He enables us to do just that. He’s the power source and He’ll do His part. Will we do ours?


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