The Marvelous Mundane

Every morning just after daybreak I take the dogs for a walk. They know when they hear the rattle of their harnesses it’s time to go. From the time they’re “dressed” and the leashes attached they know their grand adventure awaits!

Every day, we take the same route because we learned our first day danger (aka big dogs, really big dogs) are at the other end of our street. You’d think though, like their human counterparts, they’d at least want to go in a different direction or maybe even not go. After all, it’s the same road, the same sites and smells every single day! That’s never been the case. They love their morning walk. They enjoy seeing the cows, horses, birds, whatever they encounter they enjoy. Even new trash on the roadside is appreciated. They’re totally engaged and enthrawled in their adventure enjoying every minute of it, so much so that I believe they forget they’re on leashes!

I enjoy the walks, too, but like everyone at some time or another, I can’t help but think of all the things I could (and probably should) be doing. Some days I confess I wish I had never started the walk thing because I have more to do than time to do it. I’ve noticed on those days the Lord puts something right in front of me to tweek my attitude and make me glad I did.

I couldn’t help but wonder why we humans don’t participate in our every day, mundane things like those dogs do. Why don’t we enjoy what we have to do simply because we’re still able to do them? I thought about friends who let their dogs run loose because they’re physically unable to walk them. I thought about the fact that a couple of years ago I wouldn’t be able to even have the dogs, much less walk them, because of the time constraints involved with taking care of my father who’s now gone. I was reminded of how blessed I was to be walking those dogs and being able to see and enjoy (if I chose to) what I was privy to.

So I made a decision. Whatever I do, no matter how boring or taxing, I’m going to think about the pups and then make the effort to enjoy it. Everything I do, from cleaning up after the pets to the laundry, I’m going to appreciate being able to do it. I’m going to have a better attitude and work on gratefulness about everything. I realized a day may come that I won’t be able to walk, see or enjoy a lot of the things I can now. I’m deciding not to take anything or the ability to do anything for granted.

Thank God for life-changing reminders while walking the dogs. From now on, I’ll thank God for the marvelous mundane!
Philippians 4:11


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