Are You Willing To Cut?

We had some storms roll through early this morning which knocked the satellite out for several hours. After the storms passed and after rebooting and doing all the normal things to get it back on, there was still no signal so I called and requested a service call.

I have a beautiful rose bush right beside the satellite which has grown a lot through the summer. It’s been there for years and it has never caused a problem with reception before. When asked if there was anything obstructing the signal I mentioned the rose bush and actually argued with the technician telling him it’s been there for years, never caused a problem, etc. After a five minute back and forth he encouraged me to cut it back and so with hesitation I cut some branches back. Lo and behold, the signal returned.

Here’s our lesson. Had I been unwilling to cut some branches and thin out the rose bush we wouldn’t have TV reception. Where I live, satellite is my only option. Though the bush had been there for years and the same branches were around it, without my knowledge and obscured from my viewpoint it had become thicker where the satellite receiver thingy is and prevented a signal reception because the rain made the branches heavier. I had to cut them and remove them in order to receive. I was sure I was right as everything was, in my view, like it always was and the person advising was right. My bad.

We musn’t assume that because things have always been the way they are that some changes don’t need to be made and something, someone or the way you do what you do needs to be “cut”.  When the “technician” (in this case God) tells you to try something new or to cut something, be willing to try. If Jesus is the Lord of your life, He governs BUT you always have the choice to keep things just as they are.

Had I not cut the branches we wouldn’t have television. That’s not a life-changer but nonetheless we would be “without”. Are you willing to cut? I finally was, and now I have a strong signal.

Lord Jesus, give us attentive and willing hearts to change & cut whatever you say cut for a better & clearer signal to You!


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