“But Lord, it’s just a Tuesday.”

Another Tuesday. It’s what I call a “scoot day”; it leads to Wednesday one of my favorite days because of (amongst other things) our Midday service at church. Nothing special about this day, routine stuff.

We’re always looking forward to next week, what our long term plan is aren’t we? There’s nothing wrong with that. It beats looking back right? Here’s the problem…with me anyway. Sometimes I’m so focused on forward I miss the NOW. The Lord stopped me this morning while going through my routine to get done what I needed to, to get where I needed to go. “STOP! You’re going to miss it!” To which I replied, “Lord, it’s only Tuesday.”

What’s around me today that He has brought me? What’s the Word? What’s my prayer? What am I missing? In the most mundane there’s the miracle of His presence, those little nudges that let you know He’s with you. Don’t miss those personal things: the song that lets you know He’s tuned in to you, the hummingbirds outside the window, the sunrise He painted just for you. It’s all personal; it all can have special meaning because your eyes are the only ones that see it the way you do.

The thing is, we have to decide that it means something. We have to take it in not just pass it by as nothing. Stop for a minute. Just because the ordinary awaits doesn’t mean the extraordinary can’t be found. Don’t miss it!


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