So yesterday the car acted up and did something really weird.  Those of you who know what I’ve been through with cars know what I was going through (and rightfully so I might add)! Because of my past experiences with vehicles I was absolutely terrified to drive this morning. Screaming on the inside, I forced myself to take my son to work.  So far everything’s good. Anyway praying every mile & being grateful for every mile, it started to rain.  The sky turned the most unusual color as the sun was coming out and I found myself grateful for such a beautiful distraction from my impending anxiety attack! I looked up and there was a huge big cloud which didn’t dissipate and remained unchanged. I looked up to the cloud again and all of a sudden there was a rainbow coming straight out of the middle of it!

Several things crossed my mind, the first of which was to remember all the promises in the Bible, especially the ones pertaining to God‘s presence, how much He loves us and how faithful He is. He’s trustworthy. We can trust him. He will never leave us. He will never scold us because of our fear because he knows our humanness and all that encompasses. He doesn’t make fun, He doesn’t roll His eyes and He doesn’t withdraw like most people do when we’re needy or too much for them to handle; actually if we cry out to Him, our humanness draws Him even closer!

The other thing that so touched my heart was the fact that this was the biggest cloud in the sky. FROM the biggest cloud came the most beautiful thing – the rainbow.  God reminded me once again in the tests and trials in our lives, even the biggest ones, the things that cause us the most pain can produce something absolutely beautiful. I’m so grateful to God He showed me that this morning. I needed to be reminded. I need to stay thankful. I need to stay dependent on Him, His strength and His provision in my weakest, most frightening moments.  Most importantly I need to keep looking to Him and for Him in every situation this life brings.