Delight in Your Desert.

I liken my life in Alabama to being in a desert. I’ve met many, many wonderful people here. I’ve had some wonderful experiences and folks have been good to us. I’ve gotten to know, love and respect my sister and that surely would have never happened had I not lived here. I had the opportunity to know my Father before he died and to care for him in the years just before he passed.

I had the opportunity to do the right thing(s) regardless of how I’ve been treated all my life which allowed many deep wounds from my childhood to be dealt with and healed. I’ve learned through asking for the truth to be revealed and when it was it was as ugly as I feared it would be ~ but once exposed it can’t hurt me anymore. Truth is better (no matter how painful) than the lies of a lifetime.

I’ve seen God, face to face, and I know Him intimately through the circumstances and I’ve learned complete trust in Him. I’ve learned what it’s like to have only Him to cling to, rely on and His love for me is more than enough. MORE than enough. I’ve learned that the choices made in a desert experience are critical because they determine whether you live or die there…not literally perhaps but spiritually for sure. You can keep crawling, digging through, and stepping one tiny step at a time going on nothing but trust in God to see you through until you’re through it or you can give up and give in because it’s just too hard. You can pick a place and make a home in the wilderness and settle or you can choose to believe and be compelled to keep moving until you know you’re through it.

It’s not that I don’t like Alabama nor have I been discontent. I just don’t belong here. I had to be here to be restored & healed so I could be able to go from here. Those who don’t know me & our history won’t understand that. I’ve learned to be content whatever my circumstance and that in itself was worth the 26 years of the desert!

If you’re in a “dry place” I pray you have Jesus in your life & have a relationship with Him. Frankly I don’t know how anyone could survive…or would want to survive…without Him being with you through it. I so get why people do crazy things so much better & I have learned not to judge. Desert walking is extreme, in extreme circumstances. Desperate people do desperate things; thus the results we see in our world today.

I’m grateful for every single moment of these past 26 years. I’m grateful for the friends and my sisters (one of which is in heaven) who walked with me and loved me through. I’m grateful to God for being my Guide, my Teacher, my Redeemer, my Restorer, my Spring of Life, my Comfort, my Provider, and my Healer (to name a few) every second and every step.

Don’t give up if you’re in that place and try to see and believe it’s for your good because it surely is or you wouldn’t be there. God bless you.


You Have Been Seen

Sometimes I feel invisible. My heart pounds with pain and screams to be acknowledged. Yet people pass by, cars pull out in front of me like I’m not there. Worse, I’ve been disregarded by those with whom I should’ve been safest with.
Worse, I’ve walked right past those who are hurting because I was blinded by my own pain!

We’ve all been there. We all feel insignificant at times. Matthew 9:36 touched me today. “When He {Jesus} saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered, like a sheep without a shepherd.”

You have been seen, friend. You are being seen. Not with just a glance either. He sees you…all of you, right into your heart. Wounds exposed, needs acknowledged, and He waits for you to see Him. Do you? He’s right there. Look up (and out) from you…see Him. He has compassion for you. Always.

Emmanuel Without Exception

Think of the worst place or circumstance you’ve ever been in. Maybe you’re there now. Maybe you think there’s no way out and no one is there. Wrong. You’re never alone. In times (and places) like these you CAN’T TRUST YOUR FEELINGS! Fear alters reality and everything else. Sometimes you have to talk yourself into believing truth. The only absolute truth is God’s truth. Everyting else is sometimes left to interpretation; very often we go on and interpret things based on how we feel or what we think.

There is no place and no circumstance where God won’t be. He never looks and says, “girl you got yourself in a mess”, “you shouldn’t have gone there, good luck getting yourself out” or “sorry entirely too messy for a God of perfection”…wherever we go and howver we got there, God is with us.

Let’s try to not take Him where He…and we…don’t belong. But if we find ourselves “there” rest assured. He’s there with us. #neveralone. Isaiah 41:10.