Precious Pain

Perspective is everything. I see that more and more. I came across Psalm 90:15 this morning which says, “make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, for as many years as we have seen trouble.” What? Moses is believed to have written this. Think about what he saw. We immediately think of all the miracles but think about the frightening circumstances he often found himself in…going up against those who raised him, his hiding in the desert when he killed a man, then leading God’s chosen the long way to their promise of the Promised land. In all the hardships and heartaches, his faith never waivered. Through it all, he saw God, listened to Him and chose to walk on, believing what he heard God say.

Remember he was a man, a flesh and blood person just like you and I. He wasn’t a made up super hero.

As he reached the end of his journey (it’s also worth noting he only saw the promise from the outside!) he asked God for the blessing of making them glad for as many days as they had been afflicted. He didn’t review all the pain,  fear and hurt. He knew the pain was going to be worth it. We should too.

Had you not been through what you have, there’s no doubt you wouldn’t know what you know about your Heavenly Father. Doesn’t that make it all worth it? I think so!

Thank God this life isn’t the end of our story. Our eternity with Him will be beyond what our minds can comprehend. Yes Lord, give us the perspective that our pain here is precious and opens avenues through which we come ever closer to You, Your love and Your provision for us.


In A Minute

If you wake up and immediately start focusing on what’s wrong, and how you wish things were different then you’ve started off on the wrong foot. Granted if you’ve lived at all there’s plenty to be troubled about. You’re justified to be distraught if you can’t make ends meet. You have every right to be sad and feel empty if you’ve lost something or someone…and let’s face it. Loss is something we all know too well. Here’s the deal though…you get to decide how you react and where you go from here.  No matter what, you can control the temperature of your day.

In a minute you can decide whether you’re going to be angry, depressed or grateful. Chin up…or chin down, it’s up to you. Listen to this “seasoned saint”. The older I get the more I know that perspective is foundational to your countenance. Do others see a miserable person when they see you? Or do they see someone who’s weathered some pretty nasty storms, loss, unfairness and sadness and thinks, “wow…to see them you’d never know they’d been through what they have.”

If you start out thinking about what’s wrong, what you don’t have and all the bad you’ve killed the day. If you start out being grateful to see another day, you’re able to get out of bed and your Heavenly Daddy-God has many blessings in store for you if you’ll just believe that and look for them.

So what’s it going to be?

It Is Work!

Staying positive and content requires effort. Sometimes it’s easier than others. I find if I focus on me, circumstances, the state of economy, moral decline of the country, etc…it’s easy to be down and harder to be positive.

However it is a choice and the choice is as old as time.

Consider Adam and Eve. They were surrounded by a perfect, flawless world that was given to them. They did nothing to create this perfection, it was given to them. They were created to live as God’s people in that garden…period! Everything they needed and wanted was at their fingertips to enjoy as they chose with one exception. ONE. They weren’t to eat of one tree. They could enjoy the fruits of all the other, probably countless trees, but they were tricked into sustaining focus on the one thing they couldn’t have!

Isn’t that just like us? Take an inventory of your life and the things you have to be thankful for…does your mind go to what you don’t have or do stay on what you do?

Perspective is everything. And it’s work. Your attitude makes it a good day or a bad day. I choose to be thankful. Do you? (Philippians 4:8)