I’m so pressed of late that I feel like I’m shorter (I’m already short)…feel like my chin is dragging the ground. Do you ever feel that way? You deal with one thing and bam! Here comes another. Relentless. Resources are exhausted. You’re exhausted. Loss and pain have taken their tolls.  Sore and scarred you make your way to bed hoping things will be different when you wake up.

I’ve been in an extreme season of loss for a long time. You name it (and them) they’re gone. Frankly I’m just tired of it.  However I do see something else going on here. I’m being stripped of things and people who bind me here. With all the loss there’s a fresh new beginning on my horizon…if I don’t give up.

I’ve looked back and wondered how I got through it when so many didn’t and I see a greater force carrying me…imim on AutoPilot. The way from here to me looks undoable so I’ve chosen to stay in that state. If it gets done God will surely have to do it. I’ve scooted over to the passenger side, taken my hands off the wheel and I’m letting Him drive. The rest of the way is beyond me which makes it a perfect project for Him. He excels in impossible.

Are you like me? Are you wearing yourself out trying to do it all yourself? Flip the Switch and let Him take control. Trust the hands of the One who has seen you through till now. He’s got you.


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